Families in business: Antonia, Katerina and Andy of Lexie Drew

We are Antonia, Katerina and Andy, a mother and two daughters who decided to turn a passion project into a family business. Antonia gave birth to our beloved Lexie in 2018, and on Lexie’s first birthday party, Andy had designed and made some baby bibs as gifts, which is where it all started. As a first time mum, Antonia had realised that she wasn’t satisfied with some of the baby products currently out on the market and had simply not found any bibs to not only absorb serial drooler Lexie, but also ones that wouldn’t hide her lovely little outfits. So, Andy, with a long career history in fashion, introduced some new products at Lexie’s party and Lexie Drew was born. Following some amazing feedback from family and friends, it finally gave us all the big push to start our journey in building Lexie Drew.

It took 1 year from our initial plans until launch day, because we wanted to take our time and get it right. The fabric that we use represents us and our choices as a business and when we began researching the fabrics and lining, we spent hours in the shop to ensure we got it right and that they were fit for purpose. 

The best thing about the nature of Lexie Drew, is that we are a family and we get to work with each other every day. We understand each other on a level that other business owners may not get have, so for that we are constantly grateful to spend so much time together bouncing ideas off each other on a day to day basis. Of course, its not always rainbows and sunshine, and it can be challenging working with family, but without a doubt, we complement each other and have something unique to bring to the business. Katerina and Andy are both creatives with a history in fashion and Antonia has a corporate background, so that collective experience has helped shape Lexie Drew it what it has become. Of course, we can have differences of opinion, but without this, we wouldn’t be where we are now!

In terms of an ‘I made it’ moment, we’ve had lots of mini moments that we feel are leading up to our big moment – we appreciate and celebrate every small victory at Lexie Drew, so when we get an order, are tagged in a customer’s post or receive a positive review, we call each other and have a little dance – it’s the little things!

In five years-time, we’d love to be walking down any street globally and see Lexie Drew on little ones, from London to New York. We also want the brand to grow and adapt as Lexie grows – e.g. when Lexie is 5, we want our products to match up to what Lexie and other children her age would want, as well as products that parents of a five year old would need. From a young age, Lexie helped us choose one of our most popular fabrics and so she is just as important as the rest of us in growing as a business!

Our biggest business mistake thus far was taking on too many baby shows at the beginning, although we learnt so much about our customers and had lots of great feedback. In future, we would carefully choose the shows to attend to ensure as a small business we are using our time wisely and targeting exactly the right audience.

The advice we would give to anyone who wants to start a baby business is to think about what you would want in a baby product and use that to your advantage, don’t forget to test your products – listen to the feedback and be open to adapt your products to work for other people. Your idea of what you might want in a product may not be what other parents want and it’s been beneficial to us to be open minded in the production stage.

We can’t wait to see how Lexie Drew develops in the future and what we can all achieve with our family brand.


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