Five tips for quelling the anxiety of Mid-Summer Mess for good when the kids are finally ‘Back to School 2020’

By Diana Spellman, Founder, Serenely Sorted

That Back to School feeling mixed with mid-Summer mess anxiety…do you have it?  This year, that feeling seems ten times more intense given that most of the kids have now been home for five months.  We are just surviving right?  Until the day our kids can go back in nearly two weeks?  I think we are all feeling it.

Diana Spellman founded her business based on helping people get tidy, sorted, for life, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t feeling it too.  However, during the past year since implementing these systems for herself, she has seen dramatic improvements to the state of her home.  It is consistently tidy at the end of each day whilst spending considerably less time tidying.  And most importantly she has felt much more relaxed at home and  not mess stressed – which is exactly why when naming her business she chose ‘Serenely Sorted’ as it summed up the feeling we are all aiming at.

“But don’t think that my house is tidy all the time” says Diana, “It’s not some pristine show-home where no one can play with the toys”, Diana Says, “It’s not like that – the kids play everywhere as they usually would, the homeschooling mess happened, life happens.  And of course, by mid-Summer like everyone else with a busy life going on, I had a few mini piles that had grown up again.  But, I was not feeling like I was last year – a little anxious yes, but no all-encompassing feeling of overwhelming anxiety.”

So what’s the difference?  “I know I can reclaim it.  I know I can get it back to tidy within a few hours of Re-set Re-sort time because I have a process, a way of returning everything to their End Homes.  I know how to recognise if there is a new type of stuff in my home and create an End Home for them easy and fast.  Not at all like last year when I literally looked at the it all in despair…..”

If you have been feeling like Diana was last year, here’s her top tips for getting sorted:

  1. Just get through the next few weeks and enjoy the Summer until school’s back – at least then you’ll have a bit more headspace because they’ll be sorted – use my free back-to-school guide to get you through the next few weeks.
  2. Start thinking about ‘End Homes’.  This concept is the most important concept of the Serenely Sorted System.  An End Home is a place where something lives and always goes back to.  The first step of sorting is to start creating End Homes for your top mess makers, such as your bag, your keys, the paperwork.
  3. Buy some baskets.  Or as I call them, Serene Space Dividers.  These are the backbone that keeps the System together and allows you to ‘Divide and Conquer’ your cupboards and spaces for End Homes.  Whilst different types are needed, some basic baskets are always needed to get started with sorting.
  4. Look at the piles that have built up – what’s in them?  Try to categorise the contents and either chuck what you don’t need or begin to create End Homes for the main contents of your piles as described above.
  5. Inevitably, if you want to get to where I am now, once you’ve got the kids back to school, you will need to plan in some chunks of time come September to work on this.  Join my Facebook community where I’ll be hosting plenty of tips on this to ensure you can get stress-free starting in September once and for all!

But right now, remember: as long as you have got kids in the right sized school uniform and a pencil case and water bottle sorted for school September 2nd, congratulations – you should be very very proud of having got through the past six months!  The rest can wait a few weeks. And of course, don’t forget to seek professional help if you need to do so as it can be a tremendous help, this counselling service in Ayrshire could change your life!

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