Parents in business: Kate of Mini Me Yoga

Dr Kate Bartram Brown is the founder of Mini Me Yoga which trains parents and teachers on how to do simple wellbeing techniques of Zen Meditation at home or in the classroom whilst having loads of fun.

I started my business in the Middle East about 11 years ago, I was a kids yoga instructor, as I wanted to help children as well as be closer to my own stepson and my 2 nieces . There was civil unrest, martial law and many children suffered huge traumas, so I used my training as a holistic practitioner with the Modern Mystery School and kids yoga to create a simple 7 step mental and emotional wellbeing program that both parents and teachers could use. It worked and is now in 42 countries. 

The main challenges were reaching children. It is impossible to implement a good habit unless the grownups around them also do it on a regular basis, so we work with parents and teachers to help them understand that we all need to do this together… its not just for the kids ! Another challenge was being taken seriously. I’m now a doctor of natural medicine and have two research papers on the foundation workshop proving what we do works, so this helped. Many schools needed this before they could spend the budgets with us. But now it is tried and tested its much easier. 

It was the perfect business for me as my stepson who was young at the time came with me when he was with us. He and my 2 nieces were also my test cases, they loved doing yoga. My stepson is now 17 but he still has the many tools that we learned together to get him through these very tricky times. My youngest niece uses her breathing to help with her learning challenges so I see how it really was a foundation for them in their way to cope with challenges in life. 

I now have over 50 ambassadors sharing the Mini Me Yoga workshops and we are working closely with many schools around the world but particularly in the UK, helping them through lockdown by training the teachers with simple but effective yoga techniques like sound healing. Our goal is to reach 1 million children to help improve their mental and emotional wellbeing being.


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