3 ways to help your online sales succeed

Customers keep coming back because they are loyal to you and your business, but it can be hard to build loyalty when your shop is online only. If your business has moved from a bricks and mortar model to bricks and clicks, or even to online only to cope with the constraints of this year’s pandemic, read on for three ways to build loyal customers and give them the social shopping experience they value.

Ensure your site has personality

Out of the box websites are ten a penny, and you can find stock images for almost everything now, but imbue your site with genuine personality and you have taken your first step to making your customer loyal to you. Part of this could be as simple as having your photo and your business story on your site – but you need to think beyond this. You need to establish your ideal customer and make sure they identify with the personality of your website. If your target audience is teens and twenties, make sure the images reflect this. Use colours, design and fonts to all add to the personality of your site and reflect the personality of your customer too. The words you use can add character to your site: do you want to come across as business like, friendly, chatty, informal? Pitch your language to match your customer too. 

Make sure your site is smart

A smart site will adapt to your customer’s needs, and there are many tools to help you do this. You could have a search function with predictive text which speeds your customer’s search. You can show links after each product, showing what other customers have purchased along with the item the customer wanted. A smart site will remember what a customer looked for or purchased and present them with similar products and pages when they return. Responsive design is also important: your customer wants your site to fit perfectly, whatever devise they are using. Check out other ecommerce sellers and see how they make the most of ways to attract customers and draw them in. Then talk to your web designer about what other tips and tricks they can use to help your site meet your customer’s needs.

Make your site social

Embed social media within your site and it will also help hook customers in. This goes beyond simply sharing your social links on each page. Give customers the chance to review products, see what others are saying, and even join a group of likeminded people who also purchase from you. Building your social content will help you develop a trustworthy website. Depending on what you sell, develop video tips and display them on relevant pages alongside products. Another way to socialise your sales is to sell through an online market place. This will help you diversify the ways you find your customers, or your clients find you. What’s more, if you are unsure about setting up your own site, an online marketplace can be a great place to start. Have a look at www.incobis.com which is an ecommerce seller central uk and see how they could help you start selling.

Make sure that the journey from social to shopping to social is seamless and your customers will see your business as another of their online friends. Set up email messages to reach out to customers on holidays and celebrations, send them a birthday offer, and share your business celebrations too. We all need more connection in the current situation and your business can offer this. If your customers feel part of your community they will be loyal and keep coming back.

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