How to beat homesickness on a business trip

Getting ready to travel for business purposes again will be daunting, especially since leaving our homes has been a rarity for a long while. Homesickness is a common feeling when leaving home for any extended period of time, but business travel can be tough on professionals who enjoy the comfort of their own home and loved ones. Whether you’re flying away to a serviced apartment in New York, or staying a little closer to home, how can you avoid or overcome homesickness while you’re working away? Let’s look at a few strategies.

Stay Connected

The wonders of modern technology mean that no matter where you are in the world, you’re only the touch of a button away from your loved ones. Difference in time zones may hinder your connection to people back home if you’re travelling internationally, but even just hearing a voice or receiving a text message can be affirming enough.

Use of video or voice calling can be a great way to feel like you’re home whilst away. Chatting to your partner in the evening, just like you would on a regular day, can make you feel more comfortable and in keeping with your usual routine.

Stay Busy

Boredom or monotony can be a major trigger of homesickness, especially in your down time whilst travelling for business purposes. To avoid this, ensure that you keep yourself busy after you finish working for the day. Go to dinner with a colleague, explore the local area or indulge in your favourite TV show. If you’re staying in a serviced apartment, you can do a bit of cooking just like you may do at home. Whatever you choose to do, try to find a way to enjoy the time away and you won’t focus so much on missing home.

Home Comforts

Certain home comforts may help you to beat homesickness while away, so take these with you if you can fit them in your luggage. You may want a photo, pillow or item of clothing to relax in at night or a particular food that you can’t live without. Being able to have a piece of home away from home is an effective strategy to try to overcome homesickness.

Remember Your Mission

Keep your mind on what you are travelling to achieve. If you focus on your business objectives, you will reinforce your commitment to the task and you can use going home to motivate yourself to do a good job. If the sacrifice of leaving home for a number of days or weeks feels like it is worth it for your career goals, then you will be more willing to make the most of the time you do spend away.

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