Planning A Social Media Strategy for Mommy Bloggers

If you’re a mom who likes to blog and be on social media, there’s more to just clicking share and post.  You can actually increase your blog’s brand awareness by planning out a solid social marketing strategy. With its growing span, business applications and uses, social media is a powerful marketing arsenal that could be the backbone of your blog’s road to monetization. Your simple social media photobook can be an effective strategy to reach out a target audience by strategically sharing them along with your blog.

As a hip mom who already has valuable blog content to boot, all you need is an effective social media strategy to get a solid following and a follow-worthy online reputation. While a truly great strategy doesn’t have permanence because of social media’s shifting paradigms, knowing these tips will give you a solid foundation so you can adjust and make changes when necessary. Here are some useful tips on how to make a social media strategy that will put your blog out there.

Focus on what you want to achieve

In order for your social media strategy to be effective, it is important to set goals for yourself and how far you want your blog to go in terms of popularity and awareness. Figure out (and edit) your goals, and know the kind of approach you want to go for. It’s almost like crafting your own social media mission and vision statement, and this will be helpful as you go along the way. A vision will inspire your actions in the future, so it is important to spend time to think it through.

Keep in mind that your vision is what you want your use your social media presence for. An example would be “To educate and inspire mothers on how to make parenting enjoyable, passionate, and fun.” A mission statement should say what you want your strategy to achieve. An example could be “To use social media to build brand awareness and to monetize through proper online marketing opportunities.” Your vision and mission should align, and once you have carefully crafted these statements, it will be easy to put your future actions in the right place.

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Research your target market and your readers

As a mommy blogger, you would want to tap into the social media-active mommy market. According to research, 90% of moms have social media accounts and are active online and are responsive to realistic, helpful content that will keep them entertained with their busy lives. It is important to earn their trust so they can offer their loyalty; and you can do this by providing quality content, as well as presenting familiarity when it comes to dealing with tough situations that go along with motherhood. Find out what your strength is and be willing to share your insights in a truthful manner so that your posts will resonate well with other moms. Remember that people on social media, especially moms, follow experts and not bloggers who tend to generalize, and your experience is your best edge in making a name for your mommy blog.

Be visible on all channels and connect to other mamas

You or your blog should have an account on each top social media platform for maximum awareness. Set up a Facebook page for your blog so you can share your latest posts and have a place where you can promote your blog for your readers and your fans. Aside from Facebook, Instagram is a popular platform for you to stand your social media ground. Moms check their social media accounts at least 15 times a day, and go on Instagram six times a day. Moms are an active audience demographic in Instagram as it allows them to stay in touch with the things that keep them interested by following accounts. A Facebook page and an Instagram account will also let you invest on sponsored posts that will increase visibility and place your posts on feeds of users who don’t follow you yet. Post regularly on these platforms using your blog’s account and write useful hashtags to help you connect with other moms.

Work on establishing an attractive aesthetic 

Aside from your personal experiences as a mom, having appealing visual content for your blog is another powerful way to attract new followers. Create and curate content that will engage your readers, and an effective way is by learning how to tweak and edit photos like a pro. Download a powerful photo-editing app that’s easy to use, so you don’t have to spend too much time on creating visuals, and a good example is the new version of Instasize. The app has more than 50 artisan-crafted filters that you can easily apply to your photos for a stunning touch. You can use these filters to create a unified theme with your photos, especially if you want style to be associated with your blog.

Aside from the photo filters, the app has a decent selection of stylish fonts and backgrounds for labeling purposes, and an impressively realistic beauty tool that could be useful to enhance photos. Instasize also has a planning tool to help you schedule posts, a text styles tool that could be useful for announcements and promos, and a collage tool perfect for multi-photo posts.

Plan on increasing daily updates and re-evaluate

It is important to know the best times to post on all social media channels to maximize turnaround and follows. If you feel that between being a full-time mom and a blogger is already eating up too much of your time, you can look into social media management tools such as Hootsuite to prevent yourself from burning out. Consistency on posts is important, especially for moms who expect daily updates for entertainment and education purposes.

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