New website launches for mums’ mental health

Group shot. Credit Natalya Chagrin
Group shot. Credit Natalya Chagrin

Motherdom, the UK’s first media platform dedicated to maternal mental health and wellbeing, has launched their new website today.

It has been created by mum-of-two and journalist Anna Ceesay, who went through low mood and anxiety during her second pregnancy. She realised that there wasn’t enough media coverage of maternal mental health issues, so she created this platform after receiving therapy through the NHS.

New mums’ mental health has suffered with the UK’s cycle of lockdowns. Pregnancy, giving birth and having a newborn baby have all changed dramatically. A recent study from the Journal of Psychiatric Research reported huge increases in levels of depression and anxiety in new mums.

A UK-wide research team examined the psychological and social experiences of over 600 women with babies between birth and 12 weeks old during the first lockdown. Based on the completion of mental health questionnaires, the researchers found that 43% of the women met the criteria for clinically relevant depression, and 61% met the criteria for anxiety. To put this into perspective, the usual rates of depression and anxiety after birth in the UK are around 15%. 

These sobering numbers demonstrate that we need to talk about mums’ mental health, now more than ever.

Feedback from mums on Motherdom:

“Finally, there’s a publication that really ‘gets’ motherhood!”

“As a struggling mum it makes me feel less alone.”

“It’s opening up the conversation about women’s’ mental health.”

“A breath of fresh air. I wish I’d had it when my daughter was born six years ago!”

Motherdom‘s new website includes:

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