Quick Blog Brainstorms For Busy Entrepreneurs

In 2021, starting a business is about more than having a good idea. Rather, entrepreneurs right now also need to put themselves out there online to stand any chance at being noticed, trusted, or liked. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a renowned blog designer.

As can be seen from this article about the best digital marketing practices for start up businesses, there are now many different ways to achieve that goal, including a business blog that could result in around 4.5 times more leads if you post 16 times a month or more. You could say, then, that as well as being a business mogul, modern entrepreneurs need to delve into creative writing. 

Luckily, the chances are that you’re already a creative-minded individual if you’ve started a business. The question is, how you can turn your thus-far practical creative impulses into compelling words on the page (or screen?) 

Use past customer success stories

No blog post is better for boosting the growth of your business than a good old customer success story. While you won’t want to post these more than once a month to avoid a spammy feel, sharing your best successes (with the agreement of the customers in question,) is a hassle-free way to meet your blog quota, and ensure that you can prove your value on the ground in real terms. Get your narratives just right (put a character up a tree, throw stones at them, etc.) and you might even find that customers come flocking as a result. 

Keep one eye on current climates

You don’t need to be a creative writing genius to maintain a business blog, but you do need to keep content relevant and informative if you want to increase sales and impress Google. Hence why any entrepreneur looking for blogging ideas should regularly look to news and current trends for up-to-date information and inspiration. After all, nothing’s as inspiring as world events, and finding ways to frame your products around current concerns, trends, or struggles is sure to help your message like nothing else. 

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Post responses to other blogs

Often, bloggers create content by responding to the most relevant or popular blogs elsewhere. This is fantastic because it ensures a blogging community that could potentially boost your views (if your responses are nice, of course!) and it also ensures easy ideas that you don’t need to think about. Of course, you’re going to want to look for articles that are at least relevant in some way to your industry, so it’s worth following bloggers or other businesses within your existing industry sphere. But, if a topic is relevant, then you just have to fill in the blanks and make sure to link to and credit relevant posts elsewhere so that Google can see you’re the real deal from an SEO perspective. 

Business blogs might be important, but you don’t want to spend hours on something that, really, is an extension of your larger marketing efforts. Instead, simplify your blog by using these ideas to create compelling content that doesn’t even take long to perfect.

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