Three brave steps towards being seen in the media

Being brave, and being seen in the media are two things I know well and two things I love, and I hope by reading this you will start to feel the same way. 

While many people know that PR can be powerful – I mean, I self styled myself into an orthopaedic expert and am still scared of needles – but it is something that they don’t feel ready to do, good enough to do or polished enough to do. 

Stepping into the media spotlight might feel totally out of your comfort zone, but by pushing yourself forward, the results can be huge, especially when combined with all your other communication efforts. 

If you think about PR as a Personal Recommendation from a third party who is spreading the word about who you are and what you do, it can help dial down the doubt that being on the pages of Red, on a podcast or featuring in Forbes is only for the major players and celebrities. 

While they might be in those places, I believe that if you have a story and you are willing to be vulnerable and real, those opportunities will open up. 

With that said, we all have to start somewhere when it comes to being visible on platforms other than our own, which I know can also be so hard, but so worth it. 

So, I have three top tips to help you start moving out of the shadows and into the limelight for all the right reasons. 

Believe you belong there!
As I said, PR isn’t just for the major players, it’s something everyone can get involved with and I would encourage you to think about the possibilities for you and your brand. If you have a business, a story, case studies and are willing to put yourself forward, then there are magazines, newspapers, IG squares and airwaves to fill and you could be the very person they are looking for. Stop watching what everyone else is doing and start paying attention to what you could be doing.

Put yourself forward

If you keep seeing your competitors in the press and have that tingle of envy, it’s because they were brave enough to go for it and see the value the opportunity could have for them, as well as the relationships they could start to build and nurture. The media are always looking for content but they are way too busy to come looking for you, so make their jobs easy and put yourself forward for opportunities. This isn’t the school disco where you hid in the shadows as Duran Duran played in the background, now is your time to dance to Dua Lipa and go for what you really want. Twitter is a great place to connect with journalists and you can find me at @natalietrice  

Leave the doubters behind
I know what you are thinking…who am I to be in Happiful or Red and what will people say??? Let me tell you now, the right people will be cheering you on, the right people will find you and your business, and the right people will be delighted to see your success, anyone can leave the room. Now is your time to shine, and if you can you look beyond your current window of visibility, there is media treasure to uncover. 

So, tell me, what’s stopping you from being bravely seen and heard in the media so you can boost your business and build your credibility further? 


Natalie is an author, IFC accredited coach and PR mentor who empowers women to be brave and live their lives on their terms. 

Natalie’s BRAVE PR Programme starts on 14th June and will take people from being the world’s best kept secret, to being their own publicist so they are seen in the right places, by the right people on a sustained basis. Family Friendly Working readers can get in touch directly with Natalie for a 10% discount on the course.

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