How you can overcome Unhelpful Money Mindsets

By Kim Uzzell Founder of Mind and Money Coaching and

More women than ever are working for themselves.  Recent restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 Pandemic have encouraged more of us to find a profitable side-hustle, or a flexible approach to building our careers with a goal of financial freedom.

But, are you making the most of your talents and the opportunities, or are you holding yourself back from becoming the success that you deserve?

When working for ourselves, we often invest more working hours each week than we do if we are employed by someone else.  So, it’s not a lack of hard work, intention, or wanting to do well that’s the issue – it’s a mindset thing!

So, how can you overcome an unhelpful money mindset and increase your bank balance?

Look back, to look forward.

Our money mindset wasn’t created when we started earning a salary or receiving an allowance.  It started when we were very young, with most of that mindset formed by the age of 7 years old!  All those things we saw, heard and experienced stay with us….even though at the time we couldn’t apply them rationally to the real world we live in as adults.

What did you hear and experience growing up?  Link the negative impact to your current habits and counteract it with a positive response.

For example, you might have been brought up to believe that having a lot of money signifies greed and selfishness.

A negative impact of that belief is that you don’t want to be seen as greedy, so give too much of your product or service away for free, and resist putting your prices up.

Turn it around and look at it in a way that will allow you to make money and feel good about it.

The more money you have, the more you can do for others.  Now, making a lot of money has positive impact and is not a greedy, selfish thing to be ashamed of!

Think like a CEO

You are running a business.  Whether it is a side-hustle, or your primary business, you are the boss.  Start thinking like a boss.  Think like a CEO – after all, that’s what you are!

Don’t have a negative attitude.  If you say “it probably won’t work”, then it probably won’t.  If you say “you will be a phenomenal success”, you probably will be!  Think of big business role models, can you imagine; Karren Brady, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk talking themselves, or their business, down?  They are all successful, but they too started at the beginning.  They all had to make their first client call, and first sale.  Coca Cola sold only 25 bottles during their first year….and now look at them!

Instead of looking at the business bank account and saying, “I’m broke”, say “I am building my business”.  Tell that to others, and they will be minded to help you build because they too want to be part of a success story.  Tell them you’re broke, and they will be more likely to stay away.

Know your worth and value.

You wouldn’t ask a new hairdresser for a free haircut and colour before you commit to booking regularly, would you?  Don’t expect to give away your own valuable time and product in the hope of it leading to more custom….it generally only leads to more people wanting more things for free!

Like attracts like. Pay your own bills on time and it shows that you respect the worth of others. This makes it easier to ask your own customers to pay their bills promptly, as your mindset is aligned to your own worth!

Get into a millionaire mindset.

Love your money! Look at your balance every day.  Don’t avoid it.  Welcome those numbers, don’t be fearful of them.  Plus, if there is anything awry, a payment you don’t recognise for example, you’re likely to spot it and be on it sooner!

Think big – get comfortable with the big numbers.  It will be easier to accept them and love your increasing bank balance.

Visualise – Imagine your perfect day.  Make a vision board or motivating screen saver and imagine how amazing it will feel to be there.  How will it benefit you, your family, and what good can you do in your community!?

I hope this has helped you start to think about how you can start to overcome any unhelpful Money Mindset blocks you may have.  To connect with me join my group on Facebook for more information and advice or you could visit my website

Kim Uzzell is a Financial Coach, Money Mentor, Stockbroker, Wealth Manager and Founder of Mind and Money Matters she has over 30 years global financial experience.- Just like marathon-running, Kim knows managing your money is a marathon not a sprint, there are no quick fixes, but it’s never too late to change your mindset, your spending habits or your financial future.

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