The Importance Of Professional Development

Learning and professional development are important to your career. From day-to-day online activities to formal qualifications, acquiring knowledge and new skills can keep you at the top of your game and help you to achieve your career goals. 

Until recently, many companies only provided the bare minimum to provide employees with the training needed to do their jobs. But this isn’t going to cut it anymore. 

Employees want and expect companies to see the value in their own professional development and facilitate it, either through in-house policies or funding. 

Companies with highly engaged employees have learned to embed learning culture at the heart of their organization. 

In an infographic by Ezra Digital Coaching, they show the huge benefits of this learning culture, not only for the employees but for the businesses too. It shows there are direct correlations between creating a learning culture and the financial benefit to the business. 

Alongside remote working, flexible hours, and greater autonomy, learning and professional development are one of the most important factors in employee satisfaction. 

So what do companies need to do to enable this? 

  • Have buy-in from leadership
  • Devote sufficient resources
  • Develop continuous feedback between employees and leadership
  • Use recognition and reward 
  • Offer training and development at all levels within the organization

So when businesses are looking for ways to enhance their corporate culture and develop and retain talent, then a strong policy on learning is a great place to start. You can see the difference it can make to your organization in the Ezra infographic. 

Infographic Design By Ezra
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