Parents in business: Lisa, The Self Esteem Queen

Meet 39 year-old Lisa Arterton, from Cheshire, an ex cabin crew mum of 3, whose passion for helping others fires up her soul. Driven by her hatred for injustice and her natural empathy for those who have experienced trauma, she is determined to change the narrative that trauma victims remain victims, damaged or labelled for the rest of their lives. Lisa works tirelessly to create shifts that see those who have had trauma in their childhoods find a way to move on from it, so it does not trap them in adulthood. She is also passionate about playing her part in breaking family abuse cycles to protect the next generation, to try and combat the negative ripple effect of a child who has been affected by trauma who will statistically go on to experience depression and anxiety in adulthood – this injustice is something she can’t stomach. A trauma survivor and mental health advocate who has experienced childhood trauma herself including neglect and physical and psychological abuse, Lisa is now on a mission as The Self Esteem Queen to help women break free from their past so that they can rewrite their futures.

She says, “As a trauma rehabilitation therapist my business is tapping into modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Brain Wave Recursive Therapy, Soul Retrieval Practices and Past Life Therapy to help others move forward from feeling trapped and stuck through learning that we can consciously control our thoughts and reprogram our beliefs, sharing my knowledge around neuroscience and the intricacies of our nervous system I am a cheerleader, supporter and educator of women who are trapping themselves through fear and anxiety and I empower them to make positive choices. I handhold, guide and provide a supportive environment for women who need that boost – and to fill the gap which I believe to be huge, left by the NHS and its mental health provision short fallings. I currently work one to one with bespoke therapy with my clients. I look at their behaviours, their current situation verses where they wish to be & using my advice, expertise and therapy we work together to illicit the change that my clients are looking for. I have some very exciting things in the pipe line too that will hugely impact and help more women via a series of workshops and courses which is SO exciting!

“Prior to becoming a full-time therapist, I was Cabin Crew for a major airline for 16 years. I absolutely loved working for the airline and it was never my wish to leave. I loved meeting all the people I would meet and I loved the people I worked with as well as the company. I fell into this line of work much by accident after my own experience with anxiety and depression following the loss of my mum five years ago.  I found my answers in personal development and in particular Hypnotherapy and I am a passionate believer that stories can be rewritten, that futures can be redirected and that past trauma does not have to guide our lives. I am working to help more of us retrain our brains to be kinder to ourselves, so we can free ourselves from old chains, focusing on the impact of breaking cycles so that more women move away from their undesirable situations and build up their rock bottom self-worth.  Making the transition was fairly easy because I never trained with the motivation other than to secure my own future mental wellbeing.  I never had plans to leave the airline. It was my husbands friend on social media who knew that I had trained in Hypnotherapy and she asked could I help her, which I did happily. What led from there I never could have imagined. She told one of her friends about the transformative work that we did, who then messaged me asking could I help her & that just kept happening until before I knew it, I had to start thinking about taking payment from the people who came asking for my help. Within a few short months I was practically working in clinical practice full time & was trying to balance it with being a mum and still at the airline. Working with passengers on the airline I found has helped me to quickly establish rapport and therefore trust with my clients which means that we hit the ground running regards tothe therapy work that we do. Instead of it taking a few sessions to build up that trust and rapport. Also working with all walks of life has transpired beautifully into working with who I work with as they feel safe and not judged which is also crucial to their success in therapy.

“I feel a business highlight actually is one that transpires outside of the work that I do with my beautiful clients but I hold it close to my heart because my wider impact and mission is to break cycles and to protect future generations. So, for me yes, we’re doing amazing work with my beautiful one to one clients but one of my highlights that existed was when my teen daughter came home from school one day telling me how one of her friends was crying at school that day. She said that the rest of her friends didn’t know what to do and they panicked asking my daughter to do something. My daughter told me how she calmly placed her hand on her friends back and said “We don’t need to do anything. Let’s just allow her to get those tears out as then she will feel better, because that’s her body’s way of releasing the stress that she feels.” The way that my daughter held space for her friend truly warmed my heart, but also the way that she shared her knowledge with her witnessing friends on how it is nothing to fear when we cry and the benefits on allowing them out. Showing emotion was not encouraged when I was growing up and it helped lead me to the place of anxiety and depression after my mother’s passing. When my daughter shared this story with me, I knew that we had broke the cycle and impacted perhaps her friends view point re emotion as they move forwards in life. Powerful!

“Fitting work in with having a family takes organization, clear boundaries both personally at home and professionally with my clients. It also takes good communication with my husband as we share care for our children whilst the other person works. Also having very clear phones down time so that we make sure that we are physically, mentally and emotionally available to our children has been crucial.

“The advice that I would give to my younger self is to stop being so hard on myself. That I absolutely am enough exactly as I am and also that I am not responsible for the way that others may or may not feel. I also wished that I had known about boundaries earlier on in my life as they would have changed direction on many things that happened to me. I used to be a chronic people pleaser and also a self-confessed door mat thanks to growing up in a highly stressful environment with a manic depressive mother, but now driven by passion and purpose I am fuelled to free more women who have negatively programmed beliefs around their self-worth and to help them find inner strength and renewed confidence around boundaries, just like I did, so that they can form more positive relationships with others and themselves.

“The impact that I am here to make is to reduce the proportion of women stuck as people pleasers, doormats, stuck in undesirable situations thanks to rock bottom self-worth. I am also keen to educate about the generational impact of abusive behaviours. What drives my mission is the injustice that when children experience trauma in their childhood, that these children statistically go on to experience depression and anxiety in adulthood. Their self-esteem gets negatively impacted and this affects every area of their lives undeservedly. They are also often labelled by the system in a way that singles them out as problematic in some way – these children are innocent little beings who did not ask to be brought into this world yet fall victim to the incompetence of generational dysfunction. The trauma that they experienced in childhood physically alters their whole brain function meaning that even long after they’ve left their environment, the trauma travels with them continuing to impact them and define their lives as they try to move forward. So, it is my mission to physically change a person’s brain function so that we can stop that trauma from continuing to impact that woman’s life. This is driven by a deeper desire and wider impact to stop children falling victim to generational dysfunction and suffering like their parents did.”

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