5 reasons to keep your home printer

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Despite the world being so digital now – what with wireless connectivity and smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches – you might think that the humble printer has had its day. However, in this article, you’ll discover that there are many fantastic reasons as to why you should keep your home printer, as it just might come in handy.

So, if your printer has been collecting dust in the corner of the room, don’t throw it away or sell it without considering these reasons to keep it.

Companies allowing remote work

Working from home is becoming very commonplace these days, so it might not be always feasible to simply use the printer in your office. If you prefer working from home but still need to print out a document for whatever reason, using your home printer will be incredibly advantageous. If you end up using it a lot at home, just make sure you’re using recycled paper and saving money with buying printer ink and cartridges online. Some suppliers can often ship these with same-day delivery as well, if your ink levels are critical.

Printing photos

So many of our holiday snaps are stored on our phones and laptops, that we rarely look at them day to day. It’s so much better to look at these great memories as a printed out picture, so you can place them in a frame and hang on the wall or your desk. It’s pretty easy to buy special paper to print out photos, too, so there’s no excuse anymore.

Boarding passes and return labels

Many people show their boarding passes on their smartphones, but there’s always a risk of running out of battery. Printing out your boarding pass in advance is the ideal backup, and not having to worry about drama with your flight means the world! Also, many companies are offering free return on items delivered to your home, as long as you print out the return label yourself.

Last-minute print at 1am

If you need to print something out for a meeting or assignment the next day but only remembered at 1am, then having a printer at home is worth its weight in gold. You don’t have to worry about finding a shop or getting to the office super early to print anything out, as you would have already printed everything at home and slept soundly.

Things we often don’t think about

There will always be something that will pop up during the week that we’d love to have printed. Whether it’s a recipe to give to a friend or wedding invitations, it’s nice to know that a printer is simply there if needed. Plus, you don’t want to throw it away or sell it for basically nothing, so may as well hang on to it!

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