Essential items for your health cupboard from family GP

By Dr Tom York, NHS-registered and private GP for GPDQ, the UK’s first doctor-on-demand app

Ever wondered just what you should keep in your family first aid kit? If your bathroom cabinet has a few plasters and a sticky bottle of paracetamol., read on to find out about which items to stock up on this springtime so that you and your family are prepared.


  • Paracetamol – useful to have on hand for any pain or temperature
  • Ibuprofen – for pain control due to sprains or minor injuries and can be used with paracetamol
  • Piriton – fast acting antihistamine for allergic reactions, bites, stings and hay fever
  • Cetirize – longer acting antihistamine for hay fever and allergies
  • Ventolin – essential to have available if anyone in the family is asthmatic
  • Eurax – anti-itch cream for bites and stings
  • Sunscreen and after sun cream – to protect skin from sun damage
  • Insect repellent – to keep the creepy crawlies away

First Aid Kit

  • Water – useful to keep a big bottle in the car and smaller bottles to take with you
  • Towel – to wipe up any mess or sweat – or simple to sit on in the park
  • Survival blanket – keep in the car or with you if you’re going on a walk
  • Wound dressing – Hydrocolloid, Hydrogel, Alginate, Collagen, Foam, Transparent or Cloth
  • A roll of gauze, scissors and surgical tape – can be cut to any size for any cuts and scrapes
  • Medical bracelets – essential for any family members who suffer from a medical condition or allergy

Hopefully this will prepare you for most eventualities and you can enjoy this springtime with your family, armed with some extra tips on keeping your family happy, healthy and safe.

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