Stopping body hair growth: long term or short term solution?

Body hair is a major problem for many people who want to have that flawless skin for every occasion. Based on where you are from, and the demography you belong to, you can have varying amounts of melanin and keratin in your skin tissue. These are the proteins that basically contribute to the thickness and the darkness of body hair. Normally, people in tropical and equatorial regions tend to have darker and thicker body hair. Then again, hair growth is also dependent on genetic factors and might not follow demographic and climatic rules at all. Body hair is unavoidable but how you choose to deal with it is up to you. If you’re considering laser hair removal, you can get in touch with professionals available at

It’s not like every method is going to work in the way you desire and give you results that you seek. It is important to read up and research what kind of methods are going to be best suited for you.

Under short term solutions, shaving, epilation and waxing along with sugaring are great options that people opt for when considering hair removal solutions. In order of cost, shaving is the most cost-effective and least painful. Epilation can be done via machines or creams. Based on your physiology, creams can be irritating to the skin, while a handheld epilator will be really painful. Some people rate waxing and sugaring on the same pain index, but your experience might differ. Both of the options are rather costly and it is advisable to get them done by professionals for a thorough treatment of the area. Shaving done properly can last long but being lazy about it can cause the hair to grow back in a weird way. Waxing and sugaring along with epilation are better since they pull the hair out from the root directly. Hair can grow back under these options within 3-6 weeks. With epilation, results are not uniform.

As for long term options, people seem to prefer them to get rid of stubborn hair in unwanted places. Also, people are bothered by the regularity required of shaving, waxing and epilation and the cost build-up that happens over a longer period of time. While there are no options to remove 100% body hair, close to 80% removal has a similar indiscernible effect.

The so-called permanent hair removal process includes laser hair removal. As learn more about Touch Up Laser, you’ll come to understand that this treatment destroys the hair follicle from the root and also the surrounding cells that air in regrowth. Using a highly focused beam of light at a certain frequency, heat is transferred via the hair shaft down to the root, completely destroying the hair in the process. The darker the hair compared to the skin, the better the process works. Multiple sessions might be required to cover all hair in a particular area, but once the sessions are successfully completed, destroyed hair doesn’t grow back.

There are certain precautions to follow in this approach and it would be great if you could consult with the dermatologist before diving into the deep end.

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