Get some me time with a sense-satisfying spa at home

By Isla Hannah Knight, Founder, JustU

If you are still struggling to balance working at home with home educating and the other stresses caused by lockdown, you may be wishing you could take yourself off for a spa day. For me, this is the ultimate way to relax and unwind.

Until that’s possible, however, why not set up your own home spa? You could put aside some time and space for yourself to relax and rejuvenate.

So, close your laptop, turn off your phone and throw the children at your partner and take this advice for creating your very own home spa, which will stimulate all of your senses to ensure you will feel wonderful.

  • Smelling good

Create the perfect ambience by airing the area well before-hand, to clear any odours of children’s socks or bleach, and then add in some scented candles or essential oils. Decide what you want from your home spa and select your scents accordingly. If you want to emerge calm and relaxed, try some lavender; to invigorate you after a hard day, I would recommend grapefruit. If you have, or can get hold of, an aromatherapy diffuser, you can combine scents for specific outcomes. For example, for a sense of happiness, you combine equal measures of frankincense, bergamot and orange. You only need a few drops to create the right ambience, so be careful not to overdo it!

  • Sounds right

The background noise is also essential to set the right mood. Make sure you can block out intrusive noise such as next door’s TV and the competing music choices from your own household. Again, decide on your mood and pick your home spa backing track accordingly. This time for relaxation, choose something gentle in the background. It may be a cliché, but whale songs really are relaxing, or you might choose meditation or healing gong music. If you’re trying to lift your mood and energy, try something a bit more vibey and upbeat. If you don’t want to spend ages planning a playlist, there are some great Apps, such as Musicovery and 8Tracks.

  • The eyes have it

Ensuring your eyes are appropriately stimulated is also key to putting you in the right mood. Clear away any clutter and products that you are not using before-hand. Staring at a messy room or the toothbrush holder is going to detract from the authenticity of the home spa experience. Ideally the area you are using should be calm and muted in colour but, either way, low lighting is relaxing. Again, candles are a winner but if you’re not a candle fan you could try LED or fairy lights in a clear jar or go retro with a lava lamp.

  • Feel fabulous

Once you have the ambience right, you can get to the most important part which is the sense of touch. Start with a gentle, dry body brushing session, followed by a shower, alternating between warm and cold water to invigorate your skin and then relax in a warm bath. If you’re using exfoliators or face masks, use ones that cleanse gently, without leaving you feeling red-raw. When you leave the bath, make sure you have chosen your softest towels and bathrobes to relax in afterwards. And be sure to apply top-quality moisturisers or oils that feel silky and luxurious against your skin.

  • The best possible taste

Whether you associate a spa day with health and healthy treats or with decadence and luxury, you can pick food and drink to accompany you in your home spa experience. Make your favourite fruit smoothie or green / chamomile tea or have a bottle of bubbles on ice. You could snack on sweet grapes, dark chocolate and mixed seeds mock-up your favourite cream tea treats.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to enjoy a home spa experience to break up the rhythm of lockdown and make the time spent that much more pleasant both during and after your home spa. I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the end of this time, when we can emerge safe and well and look forward to a healthier future!


Isla Hannah Knight is the founder of JustUWellness. JustU is a booking service, accessed online or via the JustU App, that gives you the power to book a wide range of wellness treatments with the click of a button. JustU links users with professional salons and lifestyle providers.


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