5 Ideas To Improve Your Remote Working Space

Working from home is one of those things that you either love or hate. No matter what your opinion is on the subject, many professionals are finding themselves having to adapt to the remote lifestyle. To improve your experience of working from home, one of the easiest things you can do is improve your remote working space.

1 . Ergonomic Work Space

To improve your remote workspace, it’s essential to provide yourself with an ergonomic setup. You can start by investing in an ergonomic chair for your desk. Ergonomic chairs allow you to adjust the height and depth of the seat and adjust lumbar support. These chairs are designed to support the natural curve of your spine and prevent injuries. With adequate lumbar support, you’ll improve your posture and protect your body. To complete your ergonomic workstation ensure that the top of your computer is positioned at the same height as your eye level.

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2. Try A Standing Desk

Looking for a desk that helps you stay active? Consider purchasing a standing desk for your remote workspace. A standing desk allows you to work in a comfortable position while standing up. There are plenty of advantages to having a standing desk, including enhanced energy levels, burning calories, and reduced back pain. Next time you need to stretch your legs, you can do so (without stopping your work)! If you like the idea of getting a work- out at your desk, you could also consider purchasing an under- desk bike.

3. Declutter First

A cluttered environment does nothing for productivity levels. A messy and disorganized workspace will make you feel distracted and stressed out. Hire home cleaning services to clean your home so you have time to relax. Make it your mission to ditch the clutter and tidy up your work area. To support you to clear up your space organizational apps like Decluttr and Tody can be helpful.

4. Redecorate To Inspire

Create a work environment that makes you feel inspired and productive. Paint your walls in colours that inspire creativity, including bright yellow, forest green or cobalt blue. Buy yourself a few plants to make your workspace feel relaxing. Plants also do a great job of enhancing our endorphin levels and cleansing the indoor air. Hang up brightly coloured artwork, print out your favourite motivational quotes and put them into frames. Best4Frames have a range of styles and colours at affordable prices.

5. Build A Garden Office

A garden office is a purpose-built office structure, similar to a summer house. There are plenty of benefits to adding an office to your garden. Firstly, you provide yourself with a space to separate your work life and your family life. You may well find that it’s easier to concentrate in a purpose-built office. A garden office can even add value to your home, so if you’re looking to sell in the future, this could be a wise investment. When you’re running a business from home, it’s also nice to have a professional space for client visits.

When you’re working remotely it can be difficult to keep productivity levels up. To keep yourself motivated it’s important to take enough short breaks.

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