New To Social Media Marketing? Avoid These Rookie Mistakes

Social media marketing can be an effective way to build brand exposure and generate new leads. However, like any type of marketing, it needs to be done correctly to have any impact.

Here are five rookie mistakes that according to lasik surgeon marketing many people make when first attempting social media marketing. 

Not planning out your content

Spontaneously posting content on social media may not get you many engagements. It’s important to plan out your content and work out the best times to share it to get the most engagements. Occasionally, there may be times when you quickly want to take advantage of hot button topics, but when it comes to promoting new products and deals of which you’re able to plan out, it’s worth taking your time to find the best wording and image, as well as scheduling your post for a busy time when many of your key audience are going to be active. The content marketing strategy checklist here offers more tips on developing a content marketing strategy. Make sure to stick to a strategy once you’ve established it.

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Being overly promotional

Most people use social media as a recreational tool. You aren’t going to get many people following your content if it’s wholly promotional. Yes, you can and should publish the occasional promotional post, however ideally 80% of it should be non-promotional. Exactly what non-promotional content should you be sharing? It could be interesting industry facts, tips or news. You could post questions and polls. You could even post memes related to your product or industry. This is the stuff that will help you build and sustain a following.  You could also buy views on youtube to get on people’s recommendations.

Failing to engage with other users

Too many companies use social media as a one-way communication tool. The beauty of social media is that it allows you to interact with other users. If people comment on your posts,respond by liking or replying to their comments. Polls and question posts are a great opportunity to encourage conversations. You can also use platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to comment on and like other people’s content (you can also follow back other users). All in all, make sure you’re being social on social media. 

Not using analytics and metrics

Analytics and metrics can help you to measure the performance of your posts so that you can see how effective they are and how you can improve your content in the future. The likes of Facebook have great in-built analytics features that you can use. There are also many other analytics tools that you can compare at sites such as Sprout Social

Buying followers/likes

A large following and lots of likes can create the impression that your company is successful and well established. However, you should resist buying likes and followers. Not only is it disingenuous but it can actually harm your social media marketing strategy in the long run. You’re much better off building a following organically. When trying to build an initial following, start by inviting friends and family to like your page. You can get a lot of followers just from doing this – from here, aim to build followers organically by encouraging every new customer to follow you. 

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