Simple ways to show your customers that you value them

In the current climate, repeat customers are extremely valuable. Many small firms who had to close due to Covid lockdowns have only been able to survive because of the support of loyal customers. For example, cafes that have spent weeks with their doors closed have relied heavily on their regulars ordering take away coffee and cakes from them.

Without customers, all businesses are lost. So, it pays to look after them and let them know that they are valued. Here are just a few simple ways you can do that.

Give them small gifts

Every once in a while, order some practical items in bulk and give them away to your customers. These unisex branded face snoods from Safety Stock are a great example of the kind of thing firms can look at ordering. They are practical, can be given to anyone regardless of their age or sex and they look great. Plus, if you want to, you can include your branding. They also sell branded face masks, which, right now, are likely to be popular with many of your customers.

The more practical the gift is the better received it will be. Just make sure that it does not look cheap or tacky. Also, check that it meets the relevant safety standards. This is particularly important if you will be giving away items that are likely to be used by or picked up by a child.

Set up a loyalty scheme

People love loyalty schemes and, these days, they are super easy to set up. Firms can go down the old school route of having a batch of bonus cards printed up and buy a small stamp. Every time the customer comes in, they can have the card stamped. When it is full, they can be given something for free or maybe a discount voucher. Or the business owner can simplify things even more and use the instructions that can be found here to set up a mobile phone loyalty app.

Be friendly and get to know your regulars

It is important to be friendly and polite at all times when dealing with customers. Especially now, when we are all feeling a bit delicate because of the stressful circumstances we have been living in. Companies that encourage their staff to be genuinely welcoming and to take a few minutes out to have a chat and get to know their customers tend to do well in the marketplace. Particularly with those that live alone and do not have a lot of company. You can find out why that is and read the research that backs up this statement, by clicking here.

Offer them a good service

Last but by no means least is offering them the best possible service or product. When customers know that you will always deliver what was promised and do so on time they will automatically come back again and again.

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