Working Around Your Children

Working from home, whether for a company or as a self-employed individual, can come with its own rewards and pitfalls. When you incorporate your children into the mix, it can make things that bit more difficult. You will need to find ways of being able to complete your working tasks without letting your children’s care fall by the wayside, and vice versa. Getting into a good routine, and enabling your children to understand the importance of what you are doing, can help you all to get on and share the space as amicably as possible.

Have a Schedule

Setting a schedule for when you will be working, and when you will have breaks, is a good way of getting yourself into a routine when working from home. It can also be useful for your children to have the means to understand when you need to work, and when you will be available. Using photo poster printing, you could create your timetable and have it put up on the wall in the most commonly used areas of your home. This can allow children to look at the schedule, and figure out when you are more likely to be free. On top of this, it can also help your partner to be able to plan their day better, if they already know what your plans are.

Take Opportunities

Having breaks throughout the day isn’t just a necessity, it is also a legal requirement for employees. These breaks can allow you the opportunity to spend some time with your family away from your work, as well as to make sure you have had some nutritional food and are topped up on water. Break times can also allow you to meet the needs of your children, such as by providing their lunch or helping them with homework. You might opt to stagger your breaks, so yourself and your partner stop working at different times, to ensure that there is more wrap-around care for your children from you both. This may also assist greatly with meeting school drop-off and pick-up times.

Consider Mental Wellbeing

The mental wellbeing of yourself, your partner, and your children should always be at the forefront of your home, even during a working day. While you may have tasks that need to be completed, if one of you needs some help with their emotional wellbeing, this should always be prioritised. Granted, it may mean needing to catch up on work at a later date, but that is usually a small price to pay in comparison to the happiness and overall health of those in your family. Putting time aside each day for small forms of self-care, whether that be reading a book, pampering yourself, or simply getting outside,

Finding the best ways to work while still looking after your children may require some out of the box thinking, but can certainly be achieved. In doing so, you can help to teach your children patience, as well as the positive aspects and rewards of hard work.

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