The 3 Secrets to Harnessing Your Inner CEO by Becca Powers

Did you know that each and everyone of us has an inner CEO that resides within us? Just like every Enterprise or Organization has a CEO at the helm, you are standing at the helm of your life as CEO.

I remember the first time that this concept was brought to my awareness. It was in 2013, I was a Regional Sales Manager for Dell, Inc. I was proud of my role and of the company I worked for, yet something wasn’t a fit. It was too long after this feeling emerged that I had a new job offer and I was ready to quit. I was so nervous to resign.

I mustered up all my courage and called my VP of Sales to break the news. Much to my surprise, he responded very supportively. So much so that he told me he was proud of me for being the CEO of my life. That was it. That moment got frozen in time and that phrase, I am the CEO of my life, became more than a phrase it became something I embodied.

All though this was a very defining moment, it was 2016 when I finally took this concept seriously and became the CEO of my life. As with many stories, there is a rise and fall and then a rise again. This is the same with my story. In this new role with the new company, I lost myself so completely. I prioritized work over myself and my family for three years. Towards the end of this three-year period, I became sick. I was diagnosed with chronic stress, two anxiety disorders, autoimmune disease and my hair was falling out in clumps! I needed to prioritize myself to the top of the list and fast to stop my life from falling apart.

This shift in perspective resulted in new role that was back in an industry I loved. I also experienced improved relationships, my health took a significant turn for the better, increased my income, and created space for me to enjoy my life. I was able to write my first book, Harness Your Inner CEO: Rise Into Your Power, Passion, and Prosperity being published in the Autumn of 2021. I am going to share with you some secrets from the book.

Here are The 3 Secrets to Harnessing Your Inner CEO:

  • Secret 1: Rise into Your Personal Power: To stand at the helm of your life as CEO, you must first acknowledge where you are and how things are running. You would start similarly to where I did above, with assessing your priority of things. Then admitting that things need to change to get better. The last piece of this is putting yourself at the top of the priority list. Being willing to consider your own needs at least as much as you are willing to consider someone else’s is a good place to start.
  • Secret 2: Reignite Your Passion: Do you have hobbies and interests that are at the back burner? What type of things do you follow on social media? What podcasts do you listen to? I ask this question because when I ask this next question, “what lights you up inside?” I get an astonishing one of two replies. The first is “I don’t know” or the second is “I used to…”. Asking these questions gets your wheels turning. Passion is fuel for your soul. When you are in tune with your passion, your confidence increases making it easier for you to stay true to you. Ultimately, helping you stay CEO of your life.
  • Secret 3: Relish in Your Prosperity: Prosperity is so much more than money. However, money has a big part to do about it. I invite you to explore your beliefs around money. I have found that there is interconnectedness between self-worth and net worth. Did your parents say things like, “money only grows on trees” or “we have to work hard for nice things”? Sayings like this can influence our worth around money and our ability to celebrate not only our earnings but when good things and blessing happen. Just like an Enterprise needs to thrive to stay in business, as CEO, your job is to create a life that thrives on all fronts.

About the author

Becca Powers, based in South Florida in the U.S.A., works as a Fortune 500 Sales Executive in the tech industry by day and coaches women on how to have it all by night. She’s also a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Mother of a blended family of 4 kids, 2 hers and 2 his and Author of Harness Your Inner CEO due out Autumn 2021. Through juggling it all and believing she can have it all – Becca boasts a multiple 6-figure income and being the breadwinner in her house. But Becca wasn’t given any exceptional special privileges which credit her success today. She was a child of working-class parents who battled addictions throughout her childhood. But it was her Grandma who was the dreamer in her family who made her believe you can have whatever you want. Becca’s journey hasn’t however always been straightforward having found herself divorced with 2 children by 28 and a 3-time college drop out. But this didn’t seem to stop her with her life’s motto being “Never lower your networth for anything or you’re sacrificing your self worth!”. Becca has recently been featured in the Mail Online a leading career expert. ‘Harness Your Inner CEO’ is due to be published Autumn 2021 and tipped to be a best-seller in the female business category. To find out more visit:

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