Parents in business: Louise of Joya

Joya is an inclusive and supportive fitness and wellbeing platform owned and run by women. Founder Louise Jackson says, “We’re here to help people find joy in their bodies and feel empowered with knowledge about their physical and mental health, with a tailored programme of fun, on-demand content. But, above all, Joya is about finding the joy in movement.” Read on to hear more from Louise, and discover her journey to develop Joya.

I live with my partner Roberto, my two year old son Sebastian and our Cocker Spaniel Wilson. I’m the founder of Joya, a new on demand platform which offers hundreds of Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Pre and Postnatal classes. From pelvic health to menstruation, from pregnancy to perimenopause, we’re here to bring honest, candid conversations to the forefront and let that knowledge inform the way we move our bodies. 

I also own a yoga studio in East London which had to remain closed for most of last year due to the pandemic. With the uncertainty of what was round the corner I decided to take the plunge and set up an on demand platform to help keep our community moving throughout all the lockdowns. It was originally an online extension of the studio but I decided at the beginning of this year it made more sense to keep them separate and completely rebranded and relaunched it and Joya was born!  Prior to becoming a yoga teacher and business owner, I worked in fashion for ten years. 

We relaunched as Joya in June 2021. I LOVE running my own business. I love that I can manage my schedule around my own life, yes that means that I often work weekends when my son is napping, but I don’t mind it as I’m super passionate about what I do. I know that I can always pick up my son from nursery at 5pm and someone isn’t going to schedule a meeting at that time.

I love the sense of achievement that comes after you’ve taught yourself something new, which as every business owner knows you have to do a lot of! I love that decision making doesn’t need to be a long drawn out process like it always was when I worked for big multinational companies.

I even love the rubbish stuff and the challenges that comes with running a business, because when you come out the other side of it, you always feel like you’ve grown from that experience.  I used to make decisions very quickly and was perhaps a bit too impulsive. I’m now much less reactive with decision making and am more comfortable sitting with things for a bit longer before making a decision. I’m also much better at dealing with uncertainty, yoga helps a lot with cultivating this kind of mindset in business and there’s nothing like a pandemic to make you realise how resilient you can be when facing uncertainty! 

I always make sure I pick up my son at 5pm from nursery so I get to spend time with him each day. We’re lucky that we have grandparents who live close by so they look after him on a Friday and I still get to see him throughout the day and have a bit more of a relaxed working day. My partner works full time, but due to the pandemic he’s been working from home and so he gets to see more of our son than he normally would’ve done. 

In five years time I would love to be able to say that Joya has 5,000 active members, maybe more, let’s see what happens! 

Click here to visit Joya and find out more.

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