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IMG_4404Starting your own business is one of the biggest challenges that you will face, HMRC recognise that and with that in mind we have a produced a comprehensive range of digital support delivered in a way that suits you. We have listened to those actually running businesses and have designed our support where it may be needed most.

Have a look at our starting your own business ” e-learning, that will show you amongst other things how to keep business records and how to recognise and claim business expenses (don’t pay too much!!!)

Within the e-learning you can access links provided if you need more detailed information about a certain subject, it’s easy to navigate and easy to use.

It will tell you how to send your tax returns and payments to HMRC.

Remember! Being self-employed brings with it the need to budget for any tax bills that will become due, use the ready reckoner . That will show you how much to set aside, budgeting in this fashion means you are avoiding potential problems and giving the business the best chance of success.

How about learning on the move ?, we have a selection of YouTube videos each 2-3 mins in length, each dealing with a specific aspect of Self-Assessment that you are likely, download or view from your laptop, tablet or phone, learn in a way that suits you. Access the playlist here

@HMRCBusinessHelp is a Twitter account designed to provide help to business. We tweet about our products, upcoming tax matters and online guidance. Follow us and always be up to date with what’s upcoming and how we can help.

Support is a just a click away so Click here when you need to access that support.

By working with us and using our support you can maximise your time and concentrate on what’s most important to you – your business


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