How can social media help my legal firm?

It’s safe to say that the legal world is certainly a saturated one. With thousands of budding lawyers throughout the country, all vying for our business in various legal divisions. From family law and personal injury to criminal law, environmental law, civil rights laws and other like the mesothelioma lawyers to name but a few. 

Even if you and your colleagues possess huge volumes of qualifications, accreditations and experience in your chosen areas, you might still find your firm struggling to stand apart from other competitors in your field. This is where social media can help. Often thought of as something better suited to businesses that deal with less serious and complicated issues, believe it or not, social media is an ideal platform to help your legal firm flourish and stand apart.

Want to know more? Read on to discover how social media can help your legal firm.

Brand awareness

When you’re trying to stand apart and establish yourself in your chosen field, brand awareness is everything. A strong presence on social media across all platforms will help potential clients recognise your brand, and it’ll help you to become more trusted. Want more information on Facebook advertising for lawyers? Click the link to find out more.  

You can specifically target your audience 

Traditional marketing methods often meant casting out wide nets and hoping to catch a few clients via various methods. Flyers, posters, business cards etc. Whereas social media allows you to specifically target your ads to the kind of people who’ll make use of your services. They’ll be able to see your content regularly and engage with your social media platforms more often. In time turning prospective clients into existing ones.

Your clients are ON social media

Everyone has some sort of social media these days. So, it makes sense to head to where your clients are spending most of their time. You won’t find potential clients waiting outside your office – they’re online, looking for answers, researching the best local lawyers and checking out recommendations. Getting your firm on social media puts them in touch with you!

It will improve your search engine ranking

You need your brand to be as visible as possible online. And that includes in search engine results. There is a direct link between having active and regularly updated social media platforms and an increase in your SEO. It makes sense to improve your online visibility in any way possible. 

And finally…position yourselves as experts

The more you post about a specific subject, the more you’ll be regarded as a fountain of knowledge and regarded as an expert on the subject. Social media will help you become recognised as an expert in your chosen field of law and in turn, gather more clients.

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