The dos and don’ts of making the most of organic search

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Purchases resulting from organic search are something that is available to every business owner, but a little knowledge can help you improve how your business makes the most of this strategy. Here are five simple dos and don’ts to help you make the most of organic search:

DO: Get help from a reputed white label seo company to help create relevant and quality content to match each stage of the buying cycle, taking your potential purchaser from information seeking to decision making to purchase.

DON’T: just create content at random or for the sake of filling pages. Have a strategy and make content to match.

DO: think mobile. A better mobile experience can lead to better search results on mobile too. The growing number of people relying on their phone as their principal source of search results means you can’t ignore this.

DON’T: just rely on desktop browsing. If you need help on this one, talk to an agency like click consult who are experts on organic search marketing.

DO: use https if at all possible. Secure sites can be rewarded over non secure ones, and this can be a simpler step to implement than you might think.

DON’T: assume your regular visitors will stay loyal if they regularly get told that your site is not secure when they visit.

DO: structure your mark up. Provide search engines with as much information as possible to help with your search visibility. Search engine results rely on this so it’s not something to neglect. You can find out more about structuring markup here.

DON’T: have only one way of ranking in search engine results pages.

DO: think about broader topics. As Google becomes better and better at understanding the context of content in depth sections on relevant topics become ever more vital. Once you have these, you can add in specific keywords.

DON’T: just focus on keywords. Instead put the person at the heart of your content and focus on the user journey.

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